About our Student Staff

The college experience is very different from the high school experience. The way you approach your academics and social life will need to change. EAC Peer Advisors have successfully made this transition, and are your best resource for your first year.

Peer advisors are upper-class students in a variety of engineering departments who have been trained to help first-year students choose courses, register for classes, and understand the policies and procedures of the College. More importantly, as students, peer advisors have a personal insight into life at the University of Michigan. They can answer questions about professors, majors, student organizations, and campus life in general. Peer advisors are a terrific resource for first-year students. Along with academic advisors, they can assist you in making your transition to college as smooth as possible.

If you are a CoE student, and you would like to be added to a list of students interested in becoming a peer advisor, add your name to our Peer Advisor Interest Form.

Kyleigh headshot

Kyleigh Calvert

My name is Kyleigh Calvert and I am a rising sophomore from Philadelphia, PA studying Industrial and Operations Engineering. Here at Michigan, I am involved with the club running team, the Society of Women Engineers, and the National Organization of Business and Engineering. Outside of school, I love all things outdoors - from running and hiking to skiing and biking. I love traveling to new places and am always looking to connect with others and make new friends!

Eric headshot

Eric Chen

My name is Eric Chen, and I am a sophomore from Lexington, Kentucky. I am planning to major in Robotics here at U-M. On campus, I'm involved with the UM Autonomous Robotic Vehicle Project team and the light-performance group Photonix. Outside of school, I enjoy drawing, playing games, and cooking. I'm excited to talk to all the incoming freshmen and hope to make their transition easier!

Ava Conway Headshot

Ava Conway

My name is Ava Conway and I'm a senior from Northville, MI majoring in Industrial & Operations Engineering and minoring in Race, Gender, & Nation. On campus, I’m currently Outreach Chair for our UMich INFORMS chapter. Outside of school, I enjoy singing, writing, traveling, going to museums, and spending time with my roommates! I’m really excited to meet all of the incoming freshmen and hopefully ease any anxiety about coming to UMich.

Bailee headshot

Bailee Duke

My name is Bailee Duke, and I am an incoming junior studying Environmental Engineering with a minor in Energy Science and Policy. I am super passionate about sustainability and am involved with Student Life Sustainability on campus. I have worked as Planet Blue Student Leader, and I will be working with the U-M Sustainable Food Program. Outside of school, I love to read, make a ridiculous amount of Spotify playlists, and take my dog on nice, long walks (when Michigan weather permits).

Aurora Husic Headshot

Aurora Husic

My name is Aurora Husic, and I am a junior studying Industrial and Operations Engineering. I grew up in Michigan and always imagined myself coming here. I am involved in Elementary Engineering Partnerships (EEP) and the Society of Women Engineers (SWE). Both organizations have given me the opportunity to help others, which is something I am very passionate about. Outside of school, I enjoy hiking and playing tennis.