Become a Mentor

The Peer Mentor Application period has ended. Please check back next January.

What is A Mentor?

  • An engineering student who has completed the first year in the College – and survived!
  • Someone who remembers what it was like those first few weeks on campus
  • A student who wants others to learn from his/her own experience
  • A good listener who takes initiative, responds quickly to questions, and doesn’t pretend to have all the answers

What Does a Mentor Do?

  • Connect with a new student (or two) in August and September
  • Point them in the right direction – to buy books, find campus buildings, learn the bus routes, get good pizza, get home safely, find a good place to study
  • Offer advice, assurance, encouragement, and referrals

What’s Expected of Me?

  • Contact your mentee(s) before they move to campus
  • Ask questions, and respond to their concerns
  • Meet them in person before classes start
  • Attend the Kick Off event
  • Make a plan to stay connected with your mentees through the first term – you and your mentees decide how much time you want to devote to the program. It’s up to you!

What Will I get Out of It?

  • Networking and collaboration skills that employers are looking for
  • Initiative and leadership opportunities
  • Satisfaction from knowing that an engineering student will be successful