New Students

Get connected Before You Get to Campus

Why Get a Mentor?

  • To get your questions answered before you get to campus (What should I bring?)
  • To learn your way around, including North Campus (Where are my classes?)
  • To connect with other students (How am I going to meet anyone?)
  • Because research shows that the more involved students are, the more likely they are to graduate* (This one’s for you, Mom and Dad)

*(e.g. Astin, 1984; Mallette & Cabrera, 1991; Nora, 1987; Pascarella & Terenzini, 1980; Terenzini & Pascarella, 1977).

What Do I get Out of It?

  • Advice that will make your first year a great year
  • People, places, and programs that make Michigan a great place to live and learn
  • A stylin’ t-shirt (everybody wants one)
  • Food, fun, and fabulous prizes!

What Can a Mentor Do For Me?

  • Prepare for moving into your residence hall
  • Figure out where to buy books
  • Find where all your classes are
  • Figure out the bus system
  • What to expect from professors, roommates, and exams
  • Make the transition to college easier, and make resources more accessible
  • Best places to study, eat, watch the game, and have fun on campus