Why Should My Student Get a Mentor?

  • To find out what to bring and what to leave at home (What should I bring?)
  • To learn the campus and community (It’s a big place!)
  • To connect with other students and important resources (There are lots of both!)
  • To avoid costly/dangerous/embarrassing mistakes (’nuff said)
  • Because research shows that the more involved students are, the more likely they are to graduate* (This one’s for you, Mom and Dad)

*(e.g. Astin, 1984; Mallette & Cabrera, 1991; Nora, 1987; Pascarella & Terenzini, 1980; Terenzini & Pascarella, 1977).

How Do I Make Sure My Student Gets a Mentor?

  • Encourage them to sign up
  • Don’t sign up for them – it’s critical that we hear about the student’s interests in his/her own voice. The more a student tells us, the better the match we can make with a mentor