Engineering Career Resource Center

career-resource-center-umich-engineeringCareer planning shouldn’t wait until you’re ready to graduate. Your first year on campus is the perfect time to start planning, and you can use the The Engineering Career Resource Center (ECRC) to help you!

Invest energy now in learning about the recruiting process and participate in activities that will help you develop the skills employers value most – it’ll be a major help when you start your job search!

The ECRC provides career planning services, individual appointments and workshops on a variety of career related topics (see this year’s Career Guide). During your first year we encourage you to make an appointment with the ECRC advisors and start building your resume.

Plus, Engineering Careers, by Symplicity is an online recruiting system available exclusively to Michigan Engineering students and alumni. This is your best resource for finding a co-op, internship, or full time position. Students can use it to apply for jobs, schedule interviews, research careers, network with others for career advice, and schedule counseling appointments with the ECRC. (You should have received your account information prior to orientation. If you’re having troubles, email ECRC at

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