Engr 100 & 101 FAQ

Engineering 100 and 101

  • Do I have to take Engineering 100 and 101 in my first year?
    Yes. Engineering 100 and Engineering 101 or 151 are required for all CoE students and must be taken in the first year.
  • Do I have to take Engineering 100, even though I am considering transferring to LSA?
    Engineering 100 must be elected by all first-year Engineering students. If you are considering transferring out of Engineering, meet with an EAC advisor to discuss your options.
  • Should I enroll in Engineering 101 or 151 to satisfy the engineering computing requirement?
    The engineering computing requirement can be satisfied through either Engineering 101 or 151. Engineering 151 covers the fundamentals and languages covered in Engineering 101 plus additional topics in object-oriented programming and engineering analysis. Engineering 151 moves at a fast pace, but, like Engineering 101, does not presume prior knowledge of programming language specifics. The results from your algorithmic thinking test will guide you and your advisor on the best choice for your current skill set.