Engr 100 & 101 FAQ

  • Do I have to take Engr 100 and 101 in my first year?
    Yes. Engr 100 and Engr 101/151 are required for all CoE students and must be taken in the first year. These courses are intended by CoE to be first-year courses similar to First Year Writing in LSA and first-year cohort courses in other Schools and Colleges on campus, therefore they are not as useful to you in your second year as they are in your first. Additionally, these courses often serve as enforced prerequisites for many introductory major courses!

  • Do I have to take Engr 100, even though I am considering transferring to LSA or a different School or College on campus?
    Engr 100 must be elected by all first-year Engineering students. If you are considering transferring out of Engineering, meet with an EAC advisor to discuss your options.

  • Should I enroll in Engr 101 or 151 to satisfy the engineering computing requirement?
    The engineering computing requirement can be satisfied through either Engr 101 or 151. Engr 151 covers the fundamentals and languages covered in Engr 101 plus additional topics in object-oriented programming and engineering analysis. Engr 151 moves at a much faster pace, but, like Engr 101, does not presume prior knowledge of programming language specifics. Engr 151 is often a good option for students who have previous programming experience!

  • I took AP/IB Computer Science in high school. What does this credit count for?
    If you received credit for AP Computer Science Principles or IB HL Computer Science, you will receive credit for EECS 101. This credit will count toward your general electives, and you will still need to take Engr 101 or 151 for credit.

    If you received a 5 on AP Computer Science A, you will receive credit for EECS 180. For most majors, EECS 180 will fulfill the Engr 101/151 requirement. Speak with your academic advisor to determine how EECS 180 meets the requirements for your major of interest.

  • I do not have credit for Engr 101 but would like to skip over this requirement to take EECS 280. How do I do this?
    Sometimes, students without credit for Engr 101/151 opt to take EECS 280 instead if they have extensive prior coding experience. Any student interested in this option must complete the EECS 280 diagnostic test found on the EECS website; the EECS department will then view the results and give overrides as necessary for the course.