Foreign Languages FAQ

Foreign Languages

  • Is a foreign language course required for a degree in Engineering?
    No. Engineering students are not required to study a foreign language, but knowledge of a second language is encouraged. Foreign language credits do apply towards your LAC or general electives credit.
  • Can HU/SS courses required for my LSA minor also count toward the Intellectual Breadth requirement?
    Yes. As long as the courses are marked HU or SS, and are not marked BS, NS, QR/1, or QR/2. In the LSA Course Guide, you may double-count them for your LSA minor and the CoE Intellectual Breadth requirement. Consult your advisor to make sure you fulfill the requirements of each.
  • Can I count any of my AP credits as Intellectual Breadth?
    Yes. Credit by test (e.g., Advanced Placement, A-Level, and International Baccalaureate) can be used to satisfy any of the intellectual breadth requirements except for the 3 credit humanities requirement. Please note that depending on the course it may be used as a general elective instead of an Intellectual Breadth credit (e.g., statistics, biology, environmental science).