Foreign Languages FAQ

Please consult the CoE Language Placement Exam FAQs for detailed information on this topic. CoE students do not have a language requirement, but you are encouraged to study a language, particularly if you are interested in advanced language courses, language-related minors such as the International Minor for Engineers, the Engineering Global Leadership program, study abroad, and other opportunities which require or recommend language proficiency. As an Engineering student, you are eligible to earn up to 8 credits of Intellectual Breadth or General Electives for language placement test scores (see Credit for Foreign Language policy) as long as the language is not a native language for you and previous study of the language can be verified by your high school or college transcripts.

INCOMING FIRST YEAR STUDENTS: If you’re not planning to take a language class in your first term, we recommend that you wait to take a language placement test this fall. If you have AP or IB credit for a language, you may not need to take a language placement test at all. View the CoE Language Placement Test FAQs for more details.