General Electives

General Electives

All Michigan Engineering degrees require General Elective credits, a second and separate category of electives (defined in the CoE Bulletin). The number of General Elective credits required will vary from 9-15 credits, depending on the major students choose.  See the Sample Schedules for your specific major requirements.

General Electives are intended to allow students to explore an even wider dimension of intellectual endeavor, in both technical (including engineering) and non-technical fields. This requirement can be met by any course offered by the UM-Ann Arbor, subject to the following restrictions, or by transfer credit subject to the same restrictions in spirit.

Restrictions: Courses that require tutoring of other students enrolled in courses are limited to a maximum of 3 credits, with the exception of Physics 333 & Physics 334 which are both allowed for a maximum of 6 credits.

All undergraduate degree programs in the College of Engineering will accept credits earned in 200-, 300- and 400-level courses in military, naval or air science.

Tutorial courses are not acceptable for credit of grade points but will be included on the student’s official record.