Get Advising

Connect Conveniently 

The EAC has many options for you to get advising from staff and peer advisors. Please note: these options are for undeclared students. If you are declared, reach out to your major advisor. You can find their contact information here.

Scheduled Appointments

Schedule a 30-minute appointment with an EAC staff advisor here. The default formats for scheduled appointments are virtual (Zoom) or phone. Please email your advisor if you need to meet in person. Scheduled appointments are ideal for developing long-term plans, selecting courses for future terms, planning for a major path, and determining how to get involved in the college and at the university. This is a great opportunity to continue your relationship with your EAC staff advisor!

Virtual Drop-In Advising

Virtual drop-in advising with staff and peer advisors is hosted on BlueJeans and serves as the online equivalent of walk-in advising. You can connect with an advisor here. These are ideal for shorter conversations (15 minutes or less). Connect with a staff advisor to discuss questions about your academic record, class scheduling, major declaration, and relevant resources. Connect with a peer advisor for a student’s perspective on classes, majors/minors, and opportunities outside of the classroom. You can indicate whether you prefer a staff or peer advisor once you have entered an individual BlueJeans meeting.

Fall 2020 Virtual Drop-In Advising Hours

10:00a-12:00p  Mon/Wed/Fri 

1:00p-5:00p  Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri

Chat with a Peer Advisor 

If you have a quick question that can be answered by a peer advisor, check out our new chat tool (look for the blue conversation button at the bottom of our home page). Peer advisors do not have access to your academic record, so save those questions for a scheduled appointment or virtual drop-in with a staff advisor. The chat is perfect for quick inquiries, such as how to schedule an appointment or how to locate a specific tool or resource.

1:00p-4:00p  Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri

Virtual Advising Workshops

This year, the EAC is offering monthly virtual advising workshops. You can find information on these workshops by clicking here