Math FAQ

  • Is there a recommended calculator for Math classes?
    A graphing calculator is required for Math 105, Math 115, and Math 116. The TI-84 is strongly recommended and Math instructors will use this model for all in-class examples. Students who buy a different calculator will be responsible for downloading their own programs. Calculators with letter keyboards are not allowed.

  • I took Calculus I in high school. Can I start in Calculus II my first term at U-M?
    You will need to start in Calculus I unless you have Math AP, IB or A-Level credit, or have transfer credit from another institution.

  • Who should take Honors Math courses?
    Students who are strong in Math and have taken AP Math classes in high school, and have a strong desire for deeper understanding should consider taking the Honors Math sequence.

  • What are the Honors Math sequences?
    There are two Honors Math sequences: The theoretical sequence: Math 185, 186, 285, and 286, is equivalent to Math 115, 116, 215, and 216. The applied sequence: Math 156, 255, and 256, is equivalent to Math 116, 215, 216.