Shawn Salata

METS Coordinator & Academic Advisor


Transfer Student Leaders

Photo of transfer student leaders at an event for the METS program
Transfer Student Leaders at an event (prior to Covid-19).

What We Do…

The Transfer Student Leaders (TSLs) know what it’s like to jump into Michigan Engineering midstream. They have survived and thrived, and want to help other transfer students do the same. TSLs work with all new students transferring into the College of Engineering.  Each new transfer student is matched with a TSL. The TSL serves as a mentor through the new students’ first year in the College. They connect new students with activities and resources in the College and across campus, share their own experiences, and create a sense of community. TSLs offer fun and informative events throughout the academic year – social and academic events that help new students feel connected and prepare them for their courses and career plans.