Miscellaneous FAQ

  • I want to transfer to LSA. What should I do?
    • Talk with your EAC advisor about your plans.
    • Attend a Cross-Campus Transfer Information Session
    • Meet with an LSA advisor to discuss your new career path and officially apply. To make an appointment call: 734-764-0332.
    • Note: You must complete your first year in the College of Engineering with a 2.0 GPA to be eligible to transfer. However, you can start the above steps during your first year in order to prepare and plan effectively!

  • How many hours should I plan for study time each week?
    As an engineering student, you will have a challenging course load. For each hour you spend in class, you should expect to study at least 2-4 hours outside of class. It is not unusual for students to study for 35+ hours a week. Study time includes homework, reading, going to office hours and academic resource labs, working with peers, etc.


  • I may want to take a term off.  Is that possible?
    Yes.  You can simply not enroll in a future term if you wish to take that term off.  In that case, you will need to contact our Office of the Registrar for an enrollment date before the next early registration period.  If you have already enrolled in classes, you will need to drop them before the first day of the term to avoid tuition charges.  We strongly encourage you to work with your advisor to create a plan for your overall curriculum, and to let them know of this decision.  In addition, if you plan to take more than 12 months off from the College of Engineering, you will need to fill out a “Readmission” form for the Office of Recruitment and Admissions.  Again, please reach out to your EAC advisor to develop a plan for this absence.  *Note that you may not enroll in another institution as a degree-seeking student (and if so, you would then be considered a transfer student to be readmitted here at UM in the CoE).*