The College of Engineering requires three categories of courses to complete your degree:

An overview of the degree can be found in this image:

Image describes blocks of credits needed to complete the College of Engineering degree at the University of Michigan.  Four block represent Math courses, three blocks represent Science courses, two blocks first year engineering courses, eight blocks are intellectual breadth and general elective, and fifteen blocks courses required by major.

In the image above, each 4-credit course is represented by one square box.  Students are required to take:

  • 2 First Year Engineering Courses
  • 4 Math Courses
  • 3 Science Courses (1 Chem and 2 Physics)
  • Program Subjects (courses required by each individual major)
  • Intellectual Breadth (16 credits) and General Electives

Note that not all courses will be designated as 4 credits, but this chart is intended to give you an overall view of the degree.

For specific courses per degree, see our Sample Schedules.

More information and details can be found on our CoE Bulletin.