Drop/Add & Pass/Fail FAQ

  • I am taking an LSA class. Do the LSA drop/add deadlines apply?
    No, the LSA deadlines do not apply to Engineering students. The College of Engineering has its own drop/add and pass/fail deadlines that you will follow for all of your classes, regardless of the School or College offering the course. To see the deadlines for this term, you can check the CoE Bulletin.

  • When can I drop/add/edit a course? What shows up on my transcript when I do this?
    1. During the first three weeks of class (before the third week Drop/Add deadline): Students are free to drop and add courses on Wolverine Access during this period. Any classes that are dropped will disappear entirely from the student’s transcript.

    2. After the third week deadline through the ninth week of the term: During this period, students will need to submit a Late Drop/Add/Edit/Swap request through Wolverine Access. These requests must be approved by the instructor, the advisor, the CoE Registrar, and then the University Registrar. Courses dropped during this period will appear with a grade of “W” on the transcript.

    3. After the ninth week deadline: During this period, courses must be added or edited using a paper Add/Drop form obtained from your academic advisor. Late Drops for individual classes must be petitioned through the Scholastic Standing Committee, and if approved, will appear with a grade of “W” on the transcript.

    For more information about dropping/adding courses, please refer to the policies listed in the CoE Bulletin. For information about full-term withdrawals (dropping all classes at any point in the semester), refer to this page in the CoE Bulletin.

  • What will it mean if I take a “W” on my transcript?  Does this look bad?
    If you drop a class outside of the three-week Drop/Add period, you will receive a grade of “W” on your transcript. This means that you have withdrawn from the class, and it does not affect your GPA in any way. For classes that are required prerequisites or core/major requirements, these will need to be retaken for a grade at UM or elsewhere. 

    Sometimes, students worry that a “W” will “look bad” on their transcript. However, one W will not have much effect, especially if you are doing well in your other courses and successfully pass the withdrawn course later on. To get more information about how a “W” will affect internship/job applications, please visit the ECRC and/or your intended major advisor.

  • Which classes can I take pass/fail?
    Elective courses that you are using to fulfill the Intellectual Breadth or General Elective requirements are the only courses that can be taken pass/fail. This is limited to two classes per term (one course in a Spring/Summer half term), for an overall total of 14 pass/fail credits. For more information on the CoE’s pass/fail policy, refer to the College Bulletin and ask your advisor!

  • How do I change a class from graded to pass/fail?
    You can change a class to pass/fail in two ways:

    1. While registering: In the process of putting a course into your backpack, you will see a dropdown menu on the right side of the “Enrollment Preferences” page (where you confirm the time you’re registering for, make sure that the class is open, etc.). “Graded” will automatically be selected, but if a class is also being offered pass/fail, then you will be able to select the “Optional Pass/Fail” option instead. Save your selections and proceed with registering for the class as normal.

    2. After registering (until the 9th week deadline): To change a class from graded to pass/fail after you have already registered, you will need to use the Edit function on Wolverine Access (at the top of your Backpack, right after Add, Drop, and Swap). Select the course that you would like to update, and it will take you to the “Enrollment Preferences” page. Using the dropdown menu on the right-hand side of the page, change the class from “Graded” to “Optional Pass/Fail”. Save your selections, and the class will update in your schedule.  *Note: After the 3rd week of the term, you will be prompted to complete the “Late Edit” form, which will be directed to your advisor.