Physics FAQ

  • I prefer Physics rather than Chemistry. Can I elect Physics 140/141 in the Fall Term?
    Math 115 is an advisory prerequisite for Physics 140/141. Therefore, you should only elect Physics in the Fall Term if you have AP, IB, A-level, or transfer credit for Math 115.

  • Am I required to take Physics 140 and Physics 141 in the same term?
    Physics 140 and 141 are required to be taken at the same time. 

  • Should I consider an Honors Physics course?
    Honors Physics courses (Physics 160/161 and/or 260/261) can be a great fit for many engineering students. They are especially suitable for students who have taken Honors or AP Physics in high school and feel ready to study concepts in a challenging new way. Students learn how to apply physics concepts when solving problems, which is an important skill for advanced engineering coursework.

  • I passed the Physics B AP Exam. Is there any way I can skip Physics 140/141? I already know the material.
    No. The College of Engineering only accepts credit for the AP Physics C Exam. You will need to take Physics 140/141 and 240/241. Both courses are calculus-based and will prepare you well for your engineering coursework.