Christopher Thompson

Academic Advising Intern


What do you like about advising?

I see advising as relationship-building and having conversations to encourage well-informed decision-making. First year students in the College of Engineering will be having a lot of information overload occurring through their transition to Michigan and I believe having a relaxed conversation about goals and passions will ensure a new student’s sense of well-being and persistence on-campus. Also, who would not want to talk to some amazing young minds every day and celebrate their strengths and accomplishments? My goals for advising students would be for them to be reassured and encouraged that they are making the best steps for their future here at Michigan.

What do you like about working with engineering students?

The College of Engineering student community truly is remarkable. Some of our nation’s (and worldwide) brightest minds coming together to learn with each other is nothing short of exceptional. The main characteristics I would use to describe our Engineering students: Perseverance, Attention-to-Detail, and Sense of Innovation. As a former student who had several colleagues in MRADS and WISE Michigan Learning Communities, I know the immense dedication, brightness, and community outreach that our Engineering community sustains here at Michigan and post-graduation.

What was your major in college, and why?

I attended the University of Michigan College of LSA during my undergraduate degree and double majored in History and American Culture. I moved around several different career and pre-professional routes including business, pre-health, and public policy, but I was always attracted back to what community and social change could be accomplished through education! History and American Culture were so diverse and thought-provoking, I loved being able to have conversations about topics ranging from the History of Childhood, to the Cultural Study of APIA Women, to even writing research papers about the French Riviera. I saw my studies as a way to branch out my own knowledge but also to appreciate the human condition and to value peoples’ stories. With these majors, I have a thorough background in critical thinking, analytical writing, and interpersonal skills that has prepared me to continue my love of education with a Master’s in Higher Education.

What is your best piece of advice for first year students?

First year students should not be afraid to branch out and build community with others who they are unfamiliar with. Join a club or organization that was not available at your high school! Attend Festifall and Northfest to meet friends and groups. There are so many student organizations, we have over 1600 here at Michigan! Also, do not be afraid to talk to your professors or program directors about their background or even their personal interests. Our faculty and staff are world-renowned and they are here to ensure your success and well-being, and they are just some great people to talk to! You never know, that favorite professor could become a lifelong colleague or a reference down the road! Lastly, take a class that you are not used to or that sounds fun! I took a Video Game Culture class and it was so fun, and I became friends with a lot of Computer Science students and others outside of my main majors!

What is the best kept secret in the College of Engineering?

I can think of two ways/ examples to answer this. I think a part of North Campus that is a secret would be the “MCity”. A part of the College of Engineering, “MCity” is a mini-city or proving ground complex for the testing of driver-less cars! (The first of its kind in the world!) If you ever see the driver-less cars on North Campus, they are most likely heading to MCity where they can be studied by Engineering students with partnerships including with Ford Motor Company. Additionally, I have lived in the North Campus community for several years and it is often a forgotten part of campus, but there is so much to do and see! If you love nature and nature trails, there are plenty in the North Campus area, and you will definitely make friends with students in the talent-based schools including SMTD, STAMPS, and Taubman!

What do you spend time on outside of your work?

You can find me most of the time either running, reading, or travelling! I have been on a rhythm of daily 10 miles runs around Ann Arbor! Please ask me about running (or walking) routes in our beautiful city! In the evenings, I can be reading literally anything and my book collection continues to grow and grow! Please tell me your favorite books and authors! I am a fellow Michigander and I love finding new places around our State to travel to! I love going Up North in the Summer and having some relaxing camping and hiking time! Lastly, I am a fan of any type of British TV or Reality TV, so be sure to talk to me about The Crown or The Bachelor!