Emma Thomas | Staff

Graduate Intern


What do you like about advising?
I love advising because I help students figure out their paths and achieve their goals every day! College is a fantastic time for change and growth, and I love being a part of that.

What do you like about working with engineering students?
It is great working with engineering students because it gives me insight into a different world! Previously, I have only advised for LSA, so seeing all of the amazing things going on with the engineering college is really cool.

What was your major in college, and why?
I was an English major for my undergrad at UofM, and I am currently a Master’s student in Higher Education here at Michigan. (#GoBlue) English was always my passion, and Higher Ed fits nicely into that passion. (Who doesn’t want to read all the amazing admissions essays of students applying to college? Oh, that’s just me... Good to know)

What is your best piece of advice for first year students?
The best advice I can give to first year students is that college is hard! So do not be afraid to reach out for support when you need it. All of us here at UofM want you to succeed and be happy in your college experience.

Also, things can take time to fall into place. So if you don’t meet your best friend on your first day of classes or struggle with your first exam, try not to be so hard on yourself. My best advice is to try to always remain open to new people, opportunities, and experiences. You may be surprised what you’ll find J

What is the best kept secret in Ann Arbor?
Best kept secret in Ann Arbor: The Argo Livery! I did not find out about this until my Junior year of college, and it is incredible! The Argo Livery sits on the Huron River just West of Kerry Town, and you can rent kayaks, paddleboards, and canoes and float down the river. Being on the river is great when it is still hot right when the semester starts. Also, if you have a tube, there are rapids you can go over for free! I love walking around this area, going tubing, and sunbathing; 10/10 would recommend.

What do you spend time on outside of your work?
I love exploring National Parks and hiking with friends. I love to cook; my deepest shame is that I cannot make a sunny-side-up egg. Great cook, can’t do the egg. It’s ridiculous. I also love to read and watch horror movies! My favorite novel is The Art of Fielding, and one of my favorite horror movies is The Babadook.