Shawn Salata | Staff

Academic Advisor

230 Chrysler


What do you like about advising?
I like welcoming new students to the College and helping them get off to a good start. I try to make a good first impression so that students will feel comfortable coming back to the EAC. New students often have lots of questions, everything is new and different. I want them to know that they have an ally here and that they can ask me anything.

What do you like about working with engineering students?
Our students work incredibly hard inside and outside of the classroom. I love hearing about students' experiences in their clubs and organizations. Whether it's engineering related or something that's just for fun, I love to hear how students take advantage of everything that Michigan has to offer.

What was your major in college, and why?
Psychology - I really liked my high school psych class, and there were so many different classes to choose from in college. It gave me a great foundation for my future grad work in higher education.

What is your best piece of advice for first year students?
Ask. Always ask. Whether it's in class, with your advisor, with friends - ask for what you need. Ask for clarification when you're not sure. Ask for more information when you're interested. This is how we all learn. Your question will help everyone around you.

What is the best kept secret in the College of Engineering?
Company Days! This is a great way to talk to employers without the frenzy of a career fair. Different companies will set up an information table in the Dude Connector for a few hours. They want students to stop by and chat. It doesn't matter what you're wearing or if your have a resume with you or not. It's a comfortable and casual way to connect with employers, learn about them and what they're looking for. Be sure to get a business card so you can follow up with a thank you email and your resume!

What do you spend time on outside of your work?
I have three older brothers, no sisters. I have three sons, no daughters. So spending time with girlfriends is really important for me. I love thrift shopping and seeing live performances on campus. Our family loves to travel - I've been to 38 states, 23 countries, and 17 national parks. I'm a huge college sports fan and have had Michigan football season tickets since 1981!