Forms found here should be emailed directly to your advisor.  For detailed instructions on how to use this form, contact your advisor.  You can find their contact information here.

CoE Undergrad Add Drop Edit Form – This form is used if you are unable to complete the action on Wolverine Access (i.e., after 9th week deadline or if you’ve submitted online and need to edit your form, perform the action again), or to request to go over 18cr in a full term (or over 9cr in a half term).

Illness Reporting Form – Fill out this form to alert your instructors and your advisor that you are sick.  It will ask the date you were unable to attend classes due to your illness.  You are encouraged to reach out to instructors as soon as you are able to begin making up missed work, and you may be asked to provide documentation, if required.

CoE FERPA Form – Fill this out to give access to your advising information to another person (for example, a parent).  This form will go directly into your file.

Petitions area of the Scholastic Standing website – includes petitions, such as Late Adds/Withdrawals, Reinstatements, Retroactive Withdrawals, and Exceptions to College Rules.

Forms area of the Engineering Registrar’s Office website – includes Add/Drop/Edit, Dual Degree Forms, and Time Extension for Incompletes.

Michigan Uniform Guest Application – Fill this form out to turn into the University Registrar to take courses as a “guest” student at another State of Michigan institution.

EAC Weekly Email Submission Form – Add information here to be considered for the EAC Weekly Email that goes out to undeclared CoE students.  Typical weekly email topics include academic programs and resources, deadlines, special events, etc.  Our Email runs throughout the Fall and Winter terms.