Transfer Credit FAQ

Transfer Credit

  • Can I take courses in the summer after my first year at U-M?
    Yes. Summer can be a good time to catch up or get ahead with your coursework. For more information about summer course procedures, refer to the EAC website – under “Quick Links” click on “Course Equivalency Database.” Follow the steps to make sure courses are approved for transfer.
  • Does the College of Engineering accept transfer credit for online courses?
    Yes. It is possible to receive credit for online coursework. Online course credit is limited to a maximum of 12 credit hours per student. A CoE student seeking to take an online course must submit a Transfer Credit Approval Form prior to enrolling in the course to the CoE’s Office of Recruitment and Admissions. Please note that online MATH, CHEM, ECON, EECS, MECHENG, Physics, and Spanish courses do not transfer.
  • Is it possible to take courses at a community college?
    Yes. The College of Engineering does accept credit from community colleges. However, be sure to speak with your advisor about your plans. Certain courses (i.e., some courses in Math and Physics) should be taken at a four-year institution to ensure you are prepared for engineering coursework.