Transferring Credit FAQ

  • Can I take courses in the summer after my first year at U-M?
    Yes. Summer can be a good time to catch up or get ahead with your coursework. Options for this are to take classes in the Spring and/or Summer half-terms on campus, through study abroad, or at another institution (community college, another 4-year college, etc.). Make sure to speak with your advisor about your plans to ensure that you are on track and taking the classes that would make the most sense for your plans!

  • How can I take courses on campus at UM over the summer?
    To take classes on campus during the 7-week Spring (May-June) and/or Summer (July-August) half terms, you will register for classes as normal, at the same time that you register for the following Fall term’s courses. If you hope to receive financial aid over the summer, you will need to make sure that you have a FAFSA on file and that you have filled out the Spring/Summer Aid Application (available Feb 1).

  • How can I take courses at another college over the summer?
    To take classes at other colleges over the summer, you’ll need to register as a Guest or Visiting Student at that school, make sure the credit can transfer back to UM, and take the class for a grade (NOT pass/fail!). Refer to the CoE Transfer Credit Database first to see if certain courses have already been approved to transfer. If the course that you are looking for does not appear in the CoE database, you can also check the general LSA database to get an idea of how the course might transfer. For courses that you do not find on the CoE transfer database or that have expired, you will need to get them evaluated by submitting the Transfer Credit Approval Form. Please allow 2-4 weeks to hear back about the course!

    After you finish the class, you will need to have the transcript sent to CoE in order to receive credit. Official transcripts should be sent to:

    U-M Michigan Engineering
    Recruitment and Admissions
    153 Chrysler Center
    2121 Bonisteel Boulevard
    Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2092

  • Does the College of Engineering accept transfer credit for online courses?
    Yes. It is possible to receive credit for online coursework. Online course credit is limited to a maximum of 12 credit hours per student. A CoE student seeking to take an online course must submit a Transfer Credit Approval Form prior to enrolling in the course. Please note that online MATH, CHEM, ECON, EECS, MECHENG, Physics, and Spanish courses do not transfer.

  • If I take a course at a different college and transfer it for credit, will that grade be calculated in my GPA?
    No, as long as you pass the course with a C or better, you will receive the credit. No grades will be recorded on your U-M transcript.