What is backpacking?

backpacking_advising_umich“Backpacking” refers to the process of reviewing the academic course guide to determine what courses you would like to take, along with what time you would like to take them. The purpose of backpacking is to understand how the registration process works inside Wolverine Access.  When you enter courses into your “Backpack” on Wolverine Access, they will be in a holding place, much like a shopping cart, until you register at your designated date and time.

You will also be taught how to use a tool called “Schedule Builder” to create a potential schedule.  This process will be completed during your Advising Day with the CoE Peer Advisors.  When you reach the Registration portion of Orientation, your “backpack” will be ready for you to register.

Still not sure what it’s all about? Click here for great tips from the Campus Information Center.

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