Exploring Majors

Which major is right for me?

If you’re unsure of the major you’d like to declare, you need to assess your strengths, gather information about the majors, and make a plan.

Photo of gears encouraging students to explore the various Michigan Engineering majors

Assess your interests and strengths:

  • What are your interests?
  • What classes do you most enjoy?
  • What kinds of careers do you find fascinating?
  • In what areas do you naturally excel?
  • What are your work-related values (high salary, helping others, working independently or as a team)?
  • What are the external pressures on your major decision (financial, parental, etc)?
  • What do your family and friends think are your greatest strengths?
  • Write down goals and interests and schedule a meeting to meet with your EAC advisor

Gather information about engineering majors:

  • Attend the EAC Majors/Minors fair
  • Meet with the advising offices of the majors you are considering
  • Speak with declared students about the major they are in
  • Ask departments these suggested questions to find out more
  • Look into networking events or shadowing a professional to learn more about career pathways for a major
  • Check out the alumni information on the Major Exploration Website to connect with alumni and learn what they are doing beyond graduation 
  • Attend a Career Fair to speak with recruiters and learn about available positions
  • Attend an ECRC Company Day to speak with recruiters and learn about career opportunities
  • Consider seeking a summer internship after your freshman year
  • Click here to view Sample Schedules for each engineering major
  • Log in to Engineering Careers by 12Twenty to view internships and job postings for each major
  • Review information produced by the Engineering Career Resource Center on their Major Information Sheets and Michigan Engineering Data Dashboard to determine how you might move forward in your career.

Make a plan: