Kerri Wakefield



[email protected]

What do you like about advising?
Everything! Best career ever. Who wouldn't want to talk to college students all day long about their strengths, interests, goals, and dreams?!

What do you like about working with engineering students?
Michigan Engineering students are smart, hard-working, creative, and determined to apply their knowledge and skills to improve people's lives.

What was your major in college, and why?
I started in Chemical Engineering and switched to Biochemistry. My graduate degrees are in Education, but the STEM training has served me well.

What is your best piece of advice for first year students?
Be willing to evolve. College is not about grades or getting a job. It's about evolving as a human being so that you can make a meaningful contribution to the world.

What is the best kept secret in the College of Engineering?
North Campus is often overlooked, but it's scenic, peaceful, and has an exciting energy thanks to the creative Schools and Colleges that call it hoMe.

What do you spend time on outside of your work?
Outside of the EAC, I spend my time exercising, doing crossword puzzles, and going on adventures with my partner and son.