Maizie Jones


Academic Advisor


[email protected]

What do you like about advising?
Advising allows me to be a guiding force in students' lives, both academically and personally. Witnessing the positive impact on their academic journey fills me with immense pride!

What do you like about working with engineering students?
The ambition and drive of engineering students never cease to amaze me. Connecting with them on a personal level and being a part of their journey is incredibly rewarding. 

What was your major in college, and why?
At U of M-Dearborn, I majored in Behavioral and Biological Sciences. The intersection of psychology and biology fascinated me (and still does), initially drawing me towards a path in pharmacy. However, a pivotal experience working in a pharmacy made me reassess my goals. For a while I felt nervous about not having a set plan, but I leaned into my student org experience and my eyes were opened to all the career opportunities within higher education. A weight was lifted off my shoulders once I allowed myself to change my mind! Now I am pursuing a graduate education in higher ed, and my STEM background helps me better serve CoE students. 

What is your best piece of advice for first year students?
College is a transformative period, and it's okay not to have everything figured out. Embrace change and explore diverse experiences because each one shapes your journey. Time flies, so soak up purposeful experiences that enrich your life and academic path. This is your time to grow, so make the most of it!

What is the best kept secret in the College of Engineering?
The story of how Mujos got its name! 

What do you spend time on outside of your work?
Outside of work, my greatest joys come from exploring different corners of Michigan with my family – Mackinac Island, Saugatuck, and Tahquamenon Falls are personal favorites. Most of my time is devoted to witnessing the delightful growth of my daughter. And, as a self-proclaimed "cheese connoisseur," I love anything involving cheese!