Sarah Kucemba


Academic Advisor


[email protected]

What do you like about advising?
I really enjoy getting to know students on both an academic and personal level. I think it’s important for students to know that I’m here to guide them as they’re navigating not only their first year, but the entire college journey! We will figure this out together!

What do you like about working with engineering students?
I know that engineering students are some of the brightest, hardworking, and innovative out there, and I look forward to learning from them as much as they’re learning from me.

What was your major in college, and why?
My major was in Communication Studies at U-M because I aspired to become a journalist since writing is one of my strongest skill sets. My first full-time job was in education, and since then I have realized that this is my calling because I love working with students! This led me to pursue a graduate degree and career in Higher Education.

What is your best piece of advice for first year students?
College is not just a place for you to advance your future by getting a degree, but also an important place for you to grow as an individual by learning from your mistakes, stepping out of your comfort zone, and being open to perspectives different than your own.  And remember, you have an entire support system here that wants to see you succeed and will help you get through to graduation!

What is the best kept secret at the University of Michigan?
One of my favorite study spots at U-M were the carrels at the Hatcher Graduate Library because the views of campus, and especially the Law Quad, during fall and winter are AMAZING!

What do you spend time on outside of your work?
I’m really passionate about dog rescue and spend a lot of time volunteering at a shelter in Detroit. I have a rescue dog of my own that is a White German Shepherd/Husky mix named Tito (ask me to see pictures!) and we spend a lot of time enjoying the outdoors and hiking! I also like to travel, try new restaurants and coffee shops, and spend quality time with family and friends.