Academic Help

  • EECS Tutoring
    • The members of HKN offer drop-in help sessions for entry-level EECS courses as follows: EECS 183, EECS 203, EECS 215, EECS 270, EECS 280, EECS 281, and EECS 314. Tutors can also help with ENGR 101.
  • Engineering Learning Center – 273 Chrysler Center
    • Offers tutoring, study groups, and access to academic and career resource materials
  • Math Lab – B860 East Hall, 936-0160 
    • The Math Lab is a walk-in tutoring service available free to all U-M students. Located in B860 East Hall, the Math Lab provides free tutoring for mathematics courses numbered through 217
  • Physics Help Room – 1416 Randall 
    • Graduate students, undergraduate students, and faculty are available to help students who are taking Introductory Physics classes (135/136; 235/236; 140/141; 240/241)
  • Problem Roulette
    • A website that serves random problems from past exams given in courses at the University of Michigan.  Courses include Chem 130, EECS 314, MCDB 310, Physics 135/140/235/240, and Stats 250
  • Science Learning Center
    • The SLC provides academic support to students enrolled in many biology, chemistry, and physics courses through study groups, tutoring (drop-in, appointment-based, and online), and GSI office hours.
  • Sweetland Center for Writing
  • English Language Institute (ELI)
    • The ELI offers academic English support services for international students and non-native English speakers on campus through their clinics, workshops, and self study e-resources, and particularly the Speaking and Writing Studios.  See their Language Resources for more information.
  • Tau Beta Pi (Engineering Honor Society) 
    • Offers free on campus tutoring in all 100-200 level math and science courses

Study Skills